The family financial wellness app.

Tomorrow helps parents make generation-to-generation decisions to give their children a better future.

Our mission is to help families make decisions about the future together, starting with a free legal will.

Why? Because we believe everyone should have a legal will—especially if you have children.
Tomorrow built a network of 52 attorneys across America who crafted a legal will that anyone can create right on their phone.

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Tomorrow is the easiest way to plan your family’s financial future. Not your day-to-day finances, but the generation-to-generation ones. And the easiest way to do it, is with a legal will.

So why is a will something you should prioritize, you ask?

Here’s why: Over 75% percent of Americans don’t have a will. Do you? For the few that do, 50% are out-of-date. Is yours? Why does this matter? It doesn’t, until you need one – and then it’s too late. If you pass away without a will, your loved ones will inherit a mess.

We believe no one should be without a will and that every family should have one. So, we built a network of 52 attorneys across America to make a will that you can have for free. The Tomorrow app connects you with your family, helps you organize your finances, and plan for the future. So do yourself a solid and download Tomorrow app, today.Then, be the first to tell your friends you found an app that helps you make a will, for free!

With a 4.6 avg. rating from 600+ reviews in the App Store, here’s what a few people are saying…

“We have been meaning to do this for years. Thanks for helping us look after our three kids.” – Jenny Kelly

“Tomorrow was super easy to figure out. We finally got our will done. Now on to create a trust for our kids.” – Megan & Brett

“I just created my will in 7 minutes and will send it out on my family group text” – Anthon Grigg