Rental Assistance

The Housing Department at the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh accepts rental assistance referrals from the following agencies:

  • City of Pittsburgh Housing Opportunity Fund. Program Referral Contact: United Way 211
  • Eviction Prevention programs for individuals or families. Contact: Allegheny Link 1-866-730-2368

Programs are offered for both families and individuals who are currently homeless, facing eviction, or seeking assistance with moving to a new location.

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO MEET ELIGIBILITY FOR THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS:  (Additionally, eligible participants must meet income guidelines as well.)

  • Housing Opportunity Fund (HOF) – Individuals and families with children under 17
  • Family Housing Stabilization Program (FHSP) – Families with children under 17
  • Housing Assistance Program (HAP)- Individuals with no children.


  • Lease or letter of intent to rent from the landlord
  • Referral from a social service or or government agency verifying state of homelessness
  • Current Proof of income for one full month (most recent 30 days)
  • Photo ID (cannot be expired)
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth certificates for all children in the household ages 17 or younger (for HOF)
  • Magistrate’s notice or notice of eviction from the landlord (EVICTION PREVENTION)
  • Proof of previous payments or payment agreement with landlord (EVICTION PREVENTION)
  • 2 pieces of mail for address verification

If you are eligible for assistance, please call 412-227-4164. Our staff will give you details on how to apply.