Health Education

The Health Education Office offers the following health services FREE of charge:

  • Blood Pressure readings
  • Height and Weight measurement
  • BMI calculation
  • Body fat analysis
  • Nutrition Information
  • Diabetes and High Blood pressure information
  • Relaxation Sessions
  • Free male and female condoms
  • Recruitment into a research registry
  • Information on research studies of interest
  • Information on various health conditions
  • Referral information for additional health services

No appointments needed, just call or stop in.

Childhood Immunization Awareness

Our immunizations program educates the community about the benefits of vaccines, the types of diseases we can vaccinate for, and the recommended vaccination schedule for children. Our goal is to eliminate the negative stigma surrounding vaccinations today. Our primary audience is African American families with young children in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and Pfizer are partnering to increase adherence with the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule for babies and children. This initiative will help educate parents about the importance of childhood vaccination and provide tips and tools to help keep their children up to date on the entire CDC-recommended schedule.