Originally published: 11/21/2021

After Saturday, there are just five days until Thanksgiving and some families are still wondering how they are going to put food on their tables.

Groups across the city handed out and self-delivered Thanksgiving meals to those in need on Saturday.

About 1,000 families are getting thanksgiving meals today at the convention center. Families say it’s not only a blessing but without it, there might not be dinner on the table.

Slowly but surely, the Thanksgiving meals went as fast as they came. The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh sent out bags of goods to be distributed in neighborhoods and handed them out curbside to neighbors in need.

“Thanksgiving is a time a feeling thankful and valued, connected and relations with family and there are a lot of people hungry on thanksgiving,” said Carlos T. Carter, President, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh. “If you go back to not only meat but fresh vegetables, we give that out as well just so they can feel valued and know that they matter.”

It’s Carter’s 8th day as president of the organization. as he’s talked to families, Janiece Clayton says without the meals and turkey gift cards there would be no thanksgiving meal.

“I’m having a Thanksgiving meal,” said Janeice Clayton. “Turkey’s kind of expensive right now, I can buy a turkey now. I can gobble-gobble this year.”

During this holiday season as so many families are in need, food giveaways are happening across the city like in Homewood where 500 turkeys are being handed out there.

Jeannette Lee said it will help not only her family but others too because stretch money has been hard to come by in these struggling pandemic times.

“It can be lined up as far as you having extra money for utilities, for rent,” said Lee. “It helps in so many areas to get food from the food bank and other places that provide free food for families.”

“We know this is more than just a day but this day is special,” Carter said. “When you think about it as a person, thanksgiving has a lot of good memories, and a lot of people are hurting on thanksgiving, so we want them to know that somebody cares.”

Carter said there will also be another giveaway for families come Christmas time.

Here at KDKA, we also have a way that you can help our neighbors in need, with our annual Turkey Fund.