Least Livable City For African Americans

Before the public killing of Mr. George Floyd riveted the nation’s attention on racism in the United States, the 2019 study Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race announced the tragic state of affairs for African Americans in our city:

“…for Black residents, Pittsburgh falls far below similar cities. Black women and men in other cities have better health, income,
employment and educational outcomes than Pittsburgh’s Black residents.”

These findings only confirm the natural results of existing conditions clearly spelled out and widely shared in the 2015 Urban Institute Study that determined social and geographic isolation to significantly contribute to the chronic disparities plaguing African Americans in our communities.

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Empowers Communities and Changes Lives.

“…after searching through many different organizations in the Pittsburgh area, I have selected the
Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh. Why? Simple- it’s their approach of empowering individuals
through education, economic and health initiatives, but also supporting racial justice and civic engagement.
They understand this is about more than one aspect of life.” (Urban League supporter)

Ranked at the highest performance level by the National Urban League’s performance review for more than a decade, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh has designed ONE PITTSBURGH NOW to overcome social and geographic isolation by recruiting, coaching and connecting working aged adults from the area’s most economically isolated and distressed African American communities with the most promising employment opportunities in the region. As individuals are becoming qualified to fill household-sustaining positions, Urban League team members will assist corporate partners in creating realistic long-term recruitment and retention strategies.

DiverseCity Connection launched in the summer of 2020 with a goal of helping organizations recruit & retain talented diverse candidates and to create a pipeline of candidates. Individualized coaching and case management via the neighborhood- based Opportunity Broker program will connect candidates with the needed next-step in the journey to economic self-reliance.

If you have job opportunities that you would like to share, please contact Tiffany Harm, Development Director at tharm@ulpgh.org or (412)227-4191. For additional information about the Opportunity Broker program, please contact Victoria Goins, Director of the Center for Self-Economic Reliance at vgoins@ulpgh.org or (412)227-4210.

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A charitable financial donation (See: Gift Levels) enrolls you as a member of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh. Membership renewals are requested annually.

Membership is important for the financial support it brings to this non-profit organization (501 C 3) but equally important in increasing and strengthening the unified team of Americans working toward equity for African Americans, and the fulfillment of our American ideals.

Members are kept informed of the work of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and the National Urban League Movement so that they can serve as ambassadors for positive change within their own spheres of influence.

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Volunteer Program

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh applauds the work of volunteers that helps further the mission and the Movement. We stand ready to recruit volunteers in various aspects of the agency. (Please note: Specific volunteer opportunities may be affected by COVID-19).

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Organization Volunteers provide leadership, guidance, advocacy, and support to the League. Organization volunteers serve in structural roles through the Board of Directors and its committees. Volunteers in this category are recruited, however, if you are interested in being considered, please send a letter of inquiry to tharm@ulpgh.org.
  • Operational Volunteers are defined by duties that increase the effectiveness of League programs and operations. These volunteers aid staff and may work directly or indirectly with clients on a one-time or ongoing basis as needed in roles such as: mentors, workshop facilitators, high-school graduation coaches, speakers, hosts of gatherings, tutors, trainers, greeters, administrative support aides, etc.

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Volunteer Program seeks to:

  • Provide opportunities for volunteers to actively participate in programs and make meaningful contributions that benefit society.
  • Provide volunteers with a positive and pleasant service experience.
  • Build public awareness of the League.
  • Develop closer ties to the community served.
  • Increase organizational productivity and effectiveness.
  • Add value in increasing capacity.

For more information on volunteering, please contact Development Director, Tiffany Harm at (412) 227-4191 or  tharm@ulpgh.org.

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Championing Positive Change in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Corporate Leadership Opportunities

Since its beginning in 1918, the successful work of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh has been interwoven with the community interest, leadership, and financial support of the city’s business and corporate citizenry.

Today’s corporate partnerships ensure the continuation of vital programs aimed at improved educational outcomes, increased access to sustainable wage career paths, and the erosion of structural barriers that make it significantly more difficult for African Americans to achieve economic self-reliance. We are grateful to our corporate partners and proud to showcase their commitment to building a community in which a strong, diverse, and vibrant citizenry will be able to rise to their greatest potential. The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh is currently seeking annual corporate partnerships as well as major gift investments in the ONE Pittsburgh 2020 plan in order to fully execute the strategic vision. We want to talk to you about our vision for OnePittsburgh 2020. Call us today!

For more information on corporate partnerships, please contact Mary Kay Dietrich at (412) 227-4158 or mkdietrich@ulpgh.org.

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Our country faces unprecedented turmoil as we navigate a global pandemic and the continued fight for social justice and equality for all.

As the leading civil rights organization in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh remains committed and proactive in its efforts to remove barriers negatively impacting our communities.

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