Originally published: WTAE 3/9/2022:

A Pittsburgh man is working to help others find a path to success.

Carlos T. Carter is the president of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh. Carter knows what adversity is, but overcame all of it to get to his current position. He now has a new book and hopes it will inspire others.

In his new book, Carter is listing 23 ways to help you find the path to success.

The book is called “Greatness Awaits You!: 23 Ways to Unlock the Greatness Within.”

“I grew up in a single-family home, didn’t meet my father until later in life, initially was in poverty but transitioned out of that. I was the first in my family to go to college, the first to buy a home, a lot of first in my family. So I know what it’s like to struggle and that’s what gives me passion as a community leader to help people,” Carter said.

Carter overcame poverty and depression and now he is the president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh.

He loves being a motivational speaker and thinks it’s important to share with young people how to find the path to success.

“I always say we’re all giants, right? We say we stand on the shoulders of giants but we have the courage to tell our stories and persevere we are giants as well so there’s giants in all of us, so my job is to help pull out the giant in everyone to discover greatness,” Carter said.

Carter covers several topics in his book including how your thoughts will make or break you, why you should live to give and how to have confidence in yourself.

“I would tell them to have faith, believe in yourself to know that this too shall pass, you know after the darkest storm becomes the brightest sun. If you look at any storm the sun eventually comes out so hold hope on that and just believe in yourself and work hard and know that the bridge between our dreams and reality is hard work,” Carter said.

Carter said the book is a great resource for people who have faced a setback and need guidance on how to find their life’s purpose.