Volunteer Opportunities

Conceived of, and initiated and sustained by volunteers throughout its history, the Urban League Movement has been a magnet for people with a vision of a better urban America and the financial and intellectual capacity to make a difference came together.  In 1910, Mrs. Ruth Standish Baldwin, a member of one of America’s oldest families, and widow of railroad magnate, William Baldwin, and Dr. George Edmund Hayes, the first African American to receive a doctorate degree from ColumbiaUniversity, founded what later became the National Urban League.  For more than one hundred years this combination of dynamic leadership, vision and financial wherewithal has been and remains the formula for success of the Urban League on the national and local levels.

At our 95 year old Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, Southwestern Pennsylvanians join together in efforts designed to enable African Americans to achieve economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. Through vital programs in employment and jobs training, education and youth development, family and child development, housing and self-sufficiency, we work to level the playing field for all Americans and to equip disadvantaged families to care for themselves.

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh recognizes and welcomes volunteers as donors of time and talent who magnify the work of staff and expand the effects of advocacy.

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