Originally published: Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12/9/2019

When and where: Friday night at the Westin Hotel and Convention Center, Downtown.

#LeadershipMatters: While the work of ending racism and creating a culture where everyone has a chance to thrive never stops, it is important to take moments to celebrate the great accomplishments of organizations like the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh which focuses on the important work of creating a more equitable future for all of us.

“The Urban League has been with us for 101 years and we are very proud to be ranked as one of the best affiliates yet again. This ranking speaks to our accountability,” said president and CEO, Esther Bush. “It is important for all of us to take ownership when they hear something divisive, racist or culturally insensitive. We must speak up and hold those accountable all around us if we are going to rid ourselves of hatred. Pittsburgh is worth fighting for,” she added.

Honoree Robert Hill, editorial writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and also a communications consultant, was one of the recipients of the Community Leadership Award and reflected on the magnitude of this honor.

“It is important for this community to recognize the work because of the divisions in our nation right now. The greatest work that can be done is to bring the races together and the Urban League works tirelessly towards that lofty goal. To be honored by them is a tremendous motivator for me to continue in the service of that cause.”

Added Civic Leadership Award recipient Bob Nelkin,”This is a time where we need people to stand up and help those struggling. We need to fight for the rights of all. The work of the Urban League is just as relevant as ever and I am grateful for their partnership with the United Way of Pittsburgh throughout the years.”

#SEEN: Community Leadership Award recipient Sharon McDaniel, emcee Andrew Stokey of WTAE-TV, Father Paul Abernathy, board chair Alan Trivilino and Mary Beth Trivilino, chair of the development committee Anna Hanna Cestra, Katharine Kelleman, Vasti Amaro, Betty Alexander, Ashley Grice and Tanelle Robinson, Amy Hamilton and Ron Stokes, Tammy Sadler, Cassandra Cooper, Indea Herndon, Gary White, Sauntee Turner and Roland Ford, Jackie Dixon, Debra Valentine-Gray and John and Marilyn Bittel.