Looking for a Few Good Leaders

We would like for you to become a member of a unified effort to change educational outcomes for African American youth living in our region.  By signing up for the “I Put Children First” Campaign, you will join with other adults who are either already involved in positively impacting youth, or who are interested and willing to become involved and would like to receive more information about volunteer opportunities.

As the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh’s newly formed African American Leadership Development Institute becomes fully operational, you will receive regular information about volunteer opportunities and successes.  You will be invited to training and networking sessions.  Your efforts will combine with efforts of many others and we will work to capture and track the total impact and collective results. 

Even if you are unable to volunteer directly at this time, we will keep you updated on advocacy opportunities, in which your letter, phone call or email can help to reduce barriers and  improve the playing field for youth who may otherwise be disadvantaged.

Yes, I want to be counted as part of the “I PUT CHILDREN FIRST” Team

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