Help My Family

Help my familyThe Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh’s Family Support services in Allegheny County are based on the philosophy that the most effective way to ensure the healthy development and growth of small children is by supporting the families and communities in which they live.  These programs are designed to increase the strength of families, to increase parents’ confidence and competence in their parenting abilities, and to afford children a stable and supportive family environment.

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh currently operates 3 full-service family support centers in East Hills, Duquesne and Northview Heights.

Principles of Family Support

  • Family Support is governed, designed and improved by participants and community members.
  • Family Support is relationship based, fostering respectful partnerships between and among parents, peers and professionals.
  • Family Support is strengths based, building and existing individual, family, community and cultural abilities and vitalities.
  • Family Support services are designed by and for participants to meet their priorities and are collaborative among agencies to ensure easy access and use.
  • Family Support reflects, respects and enhances the cultures of the neighborhood through the staff it hires and the materials and activities it provides.
  • Family Support services are enhanced through program evaluations that reflect family support principles and that contribute to continuous program improvement.
  • Family Support services are based in the community, serve the entire family without eligibility requirements, and are voluntary.

All Urban League Family Support Centers offer these core services:

  • Child development support (Parents as Teachers)
  • Child development screenings (ASQ and ASQ-SE)
  • Goal planning
  • Health insurance support
  • Parenting education
  • Prenatal care assistance
  • K-Clubs (Reddy Freddy) Kindergarten readiness program
  • Emergency food assistance
  • Computer use
  • Drop-in centers
  • Home visits
  • Transportation
  • Parent leadership development
  • Social activities
  • CYF family reunification visitation
  • Referral services

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