Mature Workers Program (MWP)

MatureWorkersProgramThe Mature Workers Program is a Senior Citizen initiative of the National Urban League that is offered locally in Pittsburgh.  Our staff works with applicants to hone skills, maintain work-readiness and find appropriate opportunities.  The department now offers introduction to computers workshops for applicants.  The Employment & Training Department maintains this pool of qualified workers and ensures that employers can recruit reliable, experienced job seekers.  The Mature Workers Program provides applicants with the access to learn new skills to gain placement at non-profit organizations within Pittsburgh.


The Mature Workers Program benefits both job seekers and employers in a variety of ways:

  • Training Costs.  The program pays 100% of the employee’s salary and provides third party workers compensation.
  • Train Your Way.  On-the-job training is set, controlled and conducted by the employer.
  • No-Cost Human Resources Support.  Human Resources support is provided for each employee for the first year of hiring.
  • Qualified Applicants.  The Urban League works with both employers and job seekers to ensure that our applicants meet the requirements sought by organizations that are actively hiring.
  • Targeted Applicants.  Each applicant will be matched to his or her interests and specific job requirements.


The Mature Workers Program is available to those applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • Age 55 or older
  • Have previous work experience
  • Fall into income guidelines

Download an application for the program
View the Program Requirements

For more information, please contact the Employment & Training Department at (412) 227-5021 or

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