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The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Health Education Office seeks to reduce health disparities and contribute to a healthy minority community in Greater Pittsburgh through empowerment, advocacy, research, and partnerships

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Take Charge of Your Health Today. Be Informed. Be Involved.” Health PagesIn 2011 the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, together with the University of Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute Community PARTners Core, and the New Pittsburgh Courier began collaborating on a monthly health page.  The aims for this unique, ongoing partnership between the community, academics, and local media include community health education and advocacy, increasing minority participation in clinical and translational research, and encouraging individuals to become empowered and actively engaged in their own health.

Over the first two years, 16 health pages were delivered to more than 50,000 subscribers, in addition to being posted online and receiving and additional 95,000 hits. In 2013 (year 3), the UPMC Center for Inclusion was added as a new partner on the health pages.

The New Pittsburgh Courier distributes more than 10,000 copies of each weekly edition and is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious black newspapers. Through these monthly segments, the partnership has provided information about Allegheny County-specific health disparities, community resources, and current research opportunities, as well as a commentary each month from a well-respected African-American community leader. For more information about this partnership, email Jennifer Jones, MPH, CTSI Community Engagement Coordinator, at

Check out the health pages by clicking the links below. Health pages are published in the New Pittsburgh Courier on the third Wednesday of each month.

Monthly Topics
Adolescent Health (September 2011)
Aging (September 2012)
Asthma (December 2012)
Cancer(December 2011)
Cardiovascular Disease (January 2013)
Community Health Centers (March 2012)
Community Violence (February 2012)
Colon Health (February 2014)
Dating Violence (October 2012)
October: Diabetes(October 2011)
Health Literacy (October 2013)
Healthy Habits in Children (September 2014)
HIV (December 2013)
HIV/AIDS(January 2012)
Immunizations (August 2013)
Infant Mortality (April 2013)
Introduction to Health Disparities (August 2011)
Mental Health (February 2013)
Obesity(November 2011)
Sickle Cell Disease (September 2013)
Sleep (August 2012)
Smoking (November 2013)
Stress and Health(August 2014)
Teen Brain (November 2012)

Research Participant Registry

Are you interested in participating in research? The Research Participant Registry connects community members with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. Healthy volunteers and individuals who have been diagnosed with a medical condition are needed. Join the registry today (Add link to research registry page), and be part of the solution!

Contact Us

For more information about the Health Education Office or associated projects, contact Jennifer Jones, MPH, Community Engagement Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh Clinical & Translational Science Institute, at or 412-624-8139.




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