African American Achievement Trust

Founded by the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, the AAAT  is to making a difference in the education of African American youth attending Pittsburgh Public Schools.  The Trust is a team of more than one hundred African American leaders from every sector to communicate and serve students.  The AAAT Collective Focus began at the University Preparatory School in the Hill District and Westinghouse School in Homewood to:

  1. Improve the academic achievement of 6th grade students through mentoring;
  2. Improve the graduation rate of 12th grade students with Graduation Coaches;
  3. Support the emotional needs of 6th grade and 12th grade students with mentors;
  4. Collaborate with established partnerships in the Hill District and Homewood;
  5. Increase the numbers of students at both schools who are Promise Ready; and
  6. Increase the percentage of students who apply to and enroll in post-secondary education.

If  you would like to become a Mentor/Coach in the AAAT program, complete an application today!

For more information on the AAAT Collective Focus, please contact Teanna Medina-Colon at or 412-227-4167

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